About Fara Petro Arzesh


Fara Petro Arzesh Risk Management Company (Private Corporation) was established in January 2018 by benefiting from internal and external experts with the aim of designing and implementing new integrated risk management systems in a wide range of industries including

manufacturing, oil and gas, petrochemicals, mines, Pension Funds, holdings and other large firms in order to prevent human casualties, financial losses and damage to business owners’ reputation.

creating a system to give business owners the confidence to achieve the goals of the organization in the areas of strategy, finance, operations, projects, etc., It also provides a safe environment to prevent human casualties, financial losses and damage to reputation.

FPA intends to become one of the largest providers of risk management and valuation services in Iran and the region in the near future, and in this regard will get help from all its partners, consultants and internal and external experts

We believe that in this way we should protect the values of the organization and try to turn these values into organizational culture.

• Satisfaction of all stakeholders
• Creating and protecting value for customers
• Technical and professional leadership in projects
• Observing the principle of confidentiality of customer information
• Mutual trust
• Creativity and innovation


  • 20181

    Established Risk Assessment Services
  • 20192

    Loss Estimation
  • 20203

    Risk Engineering Survey Enterprise Risk Management
  • 20214

    Training Services


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